Here we go!

And here goes my first PR blog post ever! My first blog, period, actually. Contrary to most of my peers, I’m not the person to tweet 45 times before lunch or upload a new profile picture to Facebook everyday. I’m more of a “Hmm, I haven’t posted anything in 4 months, oops” kind of person. However, If I want to succeed in my Public Relations course, and later in my professional career if it entails social media, this is the perfect time to get started.

Public Relations is obviously very closely tied to advertising. Unfortunately, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t cynical about commercials, billboards, print ads, etc. Even as a little kid, I’d roll my eyes at ads for action figures and Barbie dolls; not much has changed, since I can’t make it through one of Dove’s “empowering women” commercials without loudly complaining that Dove is owned by the same company as Axe. For anyone who hasn’t watched T.V. in 10 years, Axe is a line of grooming products that markets itself as the solution to a young man’s smelly armpits and lack of hot (albeit vapid) women to use for sex.

I’m hoping over the next few months I can grasp the practical aspects of PR on top of theory that’s inevitable for any college class. In my first advertising class last semester, the only “practical” thing we did was make the occasional poster to present to the class. It will be nice to actually create¬†something, and to continually work on a project that hopefully I can become proud of instead of barely scraping the surface of what public relations even means.¬†

I don’t like to be tricked into buying things, but in order to really understand PR and maybe utilize what I learn later, I have to suppress my suspicion of “the man” and accept it as a part of the material I have to learn. So far, I’ve gathered that PR entails a lot of research, interacting with people, writing up reports, and maintaining the client’s image, whereas Advertising takes the research gathered by PR or themselves to generate something that will appeal to people and move product. Those definitions may be arbitrary or naive, but stick with me and I’m sure they will improve over time.

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